Grab Tutorial

     This is the grab tutorial! You will learn how to use the application "grab" which is essential in transporting photos on your computer. Have fun!

Step 1

Close all applications so that only your desktop is showing. 

Step 2

Locate Macintosh HD and click on it. 

Step 3

Locate application and click on it.

Step 4

Locate utilities and click on it.

Step 5

Locate "grab" and click on it and a different toolbar will appear at the top.

Step 6

At the top click on capture then selection to take a picture. After clicking selection, "crop" the picture so you can choose how much of the picture or what picture of the photo you want.

Step 7

The final step is to save. Save it to the desktop or some other under a different name and there you have it!

Preventing Hacking and Viruses

     Everyday computer failures occur due to the numerous amounts of viruses and hackers worldwide. Random pop-ups and fake advertisements help lure unsuspecting victims to receive harmful viruses.  This tutorial will hopefully help avoid these unwanted disasters for repairing computers with viruses will be costly.

Method 1

There are numerous ways to help prevent viruses from entering your computers. The best way to filter out the existing viruses would be to download softwares that help clean out your computer. Some examples would be AVG, McAfee, and Spider-Ad Aware. So the first thing to do would be to enter the website, for our case, we will use AVG.

Step 2

After you enter the site you will see two options for downloading the software. In the tutorial we will just use basic for financial purposes. The two options given to you will be basic (free) and advanced (priced) and they vary on the quality of the offered product.

Step 3

The next step would be the click on GET IT NOW! After that a page that consists of a list of service would show up. Scroll down to the bottom to click download. other sites may have the download button elsewhere but generally the option is at the bottom. A few more meaningless pages may show up for advertisements or links to the downloading page. You will finally end up on a page that has a big "download now" sign. Click on that.

Step 4

The next step would be to install the software which is pretty much easy to do. You just click next after the installation logo pops up. The software is very simple to install so there is not further need for instructions. Be sure to check the boxes that help meet your needs (such as in toolbars, etc.)

Step 5

The last step would be to start running the software. After complete installation, run the software. This software will always be running every time the computer is turned on so don't worry about opening it every single time. It would give either a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly report on the number of viruses found which you can easily delete. The system is very easy to use and it is very efficient in destroying viruses. Now your computer is protected from harmful viruses!


Like the wings of the bird
And like the strength of the rock
Love will soon be here


Like the everlasting feeling of numbness you feel
Every time you take a dive into reality
It's like the sickening hearts of the ever broken hearts
From their lack of love, grace, and life

Although I have everything (i have nothing)
It's like the feeling you get every time you look at yourself
Seeing how that no one even bothers to care anymore
It's loneliness, it's pain, it's life

I've learned in life that love has another name
Death is a synonym for those who lose this from their delicate hearts
Let us hope that one day we will learn to have what it takes to live on
But for now everyone feel the pain


It's the only thing I ever feel...
The only emotion that is ever reliable
The after taste of every emotion I have ever felt
The only thing that lets me know that I'm barely alive



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