10 Methods to Popularize Your Website

1. The Golden Rule is to ADVERTISE! Advertise on your facebook, msn, aim, whatever. Just tell your friends and family about your website and tell them to spread the word.
2. Make your website so that it looks nice! People won't revisit or spread the word if your website looks horrible.  Make it look like you actually worked on it. Be sure the design fits your overall theme.
3. Keep the interests of the people. Make it interesting and write about stuff that people will enjoy reading. Post interesting videos up.
4. Don't neglect to update your website once in a while. People will get bored from seeing the same things over and over again. You need viewers to create a chain reaction so don't make them bored.
5. Add your website to a search engine. Google and Yahoo are highly advised. Make sure that your paragraph on the search engine is something people would normally type.
6. Make friends. Create mutual links so that you and your partners would have an increase in website trafficking.
7. Add a blog. People want to express themselves and comment on topics. Arguments are suggested and opinions should be valued.
8. Add really fun games. People would just go on your website to just play games. That is the truth.
9. Add funny pictures. People would like to see who the webmaster is. They would also be encourage to see funny images and continue to come.
10. Don't stop to add trivial details to your website.

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