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Jonathan Edwards: Religious Leader

The Beginning

Today’s topic is a religious leader named Jonathan Edwards. To this day his influence affects numerous Americans. To understand Jonathan Edwards, we must take a look at his past where he first learned how to be a puritan.
     Jonathan Edwards was born in East Windsor, Connecticut, in 1703. He had ten sisters and his father was a very prominent pastor of East Windsor. Edwards had an intelligent mind and had depth to comprehend numerous materials at a glance. His study landed him in Yale at the mere age of thirteen where he would graduate with a master’s degree. He became very philosophical during his years at Yale, studying the works ranging from Locke to Newton. He created for himself arguments against such philosophical outlook on the world. During his school years, Edwards also challenged the Calvinism but was later changed by God when he received a “message” which was the pivotal point when Edwards truly converted to being a Christian. After he left school, he became an assistant pastor to his prominent grandfather, Solomon Stoddard. After a few years, his Stoddard died to give his role as the leader of the largest Christian organization in the country at the time.

The Middle Years

     During the first Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards became vastly popular. He was known all over the world for his sermons and his intellectual knowledge of God. He instigated revivals all around the country and preached to numerous people, changing their hearts forever. His books became immediately popular as soon as they were published achieving him fame all over the country. His reformed way of teaching attracted numerous people and gave a lot of interesting insights of theology. To this day, Jonathan Edwards is considered America’s most prominent Puritan minister. After a while though, he was dismissed from his church for having conflicting ideas about how the church should be run. 
The End

     After he was unfairly dismissed from his position, Jonathan Edwards continued to share the Bible with as many people as he could. He became a pastor to a congregation in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He wrote numerous books which to this day is still being read. He then went on to Princeton to further his studies where he died from smallpox on March 22, 1758.

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