This is a page dedicated to my pictures. These are pictures of my friends and random aspects of my life. This page was mainly made so that you can get a better understanding of who I am and what I like. Some people may say that a good picture can say a thousand words so instead of a long and tedious essay about me, here are my pictures! I hope you enjoy and learn a bit about me. If you have any concerns or suggestions email me at

Woojin Kim

This is Woojin Kim. He is 15 years old and from Britain. He takes two of my classes. Woojin plays soccer and is somewhat smart.

Seung Kim

Seung is a very unusual person. He eats a lot, plays alot, and sleeps alot. I see Seung everyday and it's kind of scary that I see him more than my own mom. Seung is in three of my classes. He is from Australia and he is 16 years old.

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy is 15 years old and is also from Britain. He is the funniest person I have ever met and probably the loudest. He takes two classes with me. Jimmy plays soccer too and is considered somewhat athletic.

Jonathan Park

Jonathan is from America. He plays a lot of instruments and leads our school in worship. He plays soccer too and is considered somewhat athletic. 

Jin Hong

Jin is from America. The only thing worth noting about Jin is that he has a lot of money. He has a curfew time of six p.m. He is considered somewhat skillful in math (especially Geometry and Algebra.)

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