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     This question sparks a controversial viewpoint from numerous religions. The question why Jesus had to be a man is very questionable but there is one answer that strongly supports this claim. Jesus had to be a man to die for mankind to save man from sin. It's as simple as that, he had to die. From the beginning of the Bible there are talks about sacrifices covering up or atoning for the sins of men. Jesus covered everyone's sins up by being the "perfect lamb." His morality and sinless nature helped accomplish this task to overcome sin and death. God could not have performed this task without first becoming a man himself. This symbolized an intimate relationship between man and God; also God showed his humble attitude by lowering himself to our standards.
     Another logical thought on why Jesus was a man was due to the fact that he had to be able to share his testimonies and gospel with us through earthly means. This is so that people could record and then later show how to live godly lives while on earth. By becoming a man, God could truly express his characteristics as a loving, merciful, and holy God. Jesus, as a man, became the prime and perfect example for mankind for centuries to come.



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